WooCommerce not sending order confirmation emails

WooCommerce logoWe love WooCommerce – it’s e-commerce system that runs with the WordPress framework and provides a rapid and very customisable way to create an online shop.

Recently, the owner of one of the e-commerce shops that we maintain, told us that neither they, nor their customers, seemed to be getting email notifications or order updates – not a good situation!

We suspected that the web hosting company was the root of the issue, and after a quick online search, we found some relevant information on the WooCommerce website. It seems that some web hosts are restricting the automated sending of emails from within WordPress, especially if they use something called the wp_mail function, which is the generic way of sending emails from web applications. For a more detailed explanation, see the links below:

Email FAQ

Having hit upon the cause of the problem, we now needed to find a solution! A bit more online research and we decided to use a WordPress Plug-in called ‘WP Mail SMTP‘. For the technical people, it ‘reconfigures the wp_mail() function to use SMTP instead of mail() and creates an options page to manage the settings.‘ – for the non-technical, it fixes the problem!

The WP Mail SMTP plug-in is free of charge and can be installed like all WordPress Plug-ins through your WordPress dashboard (for self-hosted sites). I’m sure there are other suitable plug-ins out there that also do a grand job – this one seemed to have a good number of 5 star reviews, but do have a look around, just in case one is more appropriate for your needs.

With the plug-in installed, activated and configured (which was straightforward), we placed a test order, and were relieved to find that customer and shop-owner order & shipping emails were being sent out again!

Struggling with WordPress and WooCommerce, or are you new to E-Commerce and want a simple, scalable and reliable solution? We can help! Use the contact form to get in touch and let’s see what we can do for you!

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